Pantyhose mom

Sexy mom adores to tease men by her long legs in sheer nylon pantyhose and to get non-stop unforgettable sex with new partners

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Pantyhose mom

I’m the type of woman who loves to tease men. I don’t like to tease just any men. I love it when a guy goes crazy over my nyloned legs. I really don’t know why that is. I suppose it all started years ago. Back when I realized that men really liked my legs. This was before I was a pantyhose mom.

How do I like to tease men? I like to wear the sexiest outfits I can find. It’s not just the outfits that get their attention. My legs are show stoppers and I know it. I lure them in with my outfits. My legs are what makes me irresistible to them. A guy’s eyes always go down to the legs. First they check out the ass or hips, then go down to the legs. I know this routine better than any woman out there.

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Just where do I like to tease these helpless men? My favorite places are those where a lot of men go. I don’t want just one pair of eyeballs staring at me. I want an entire room of horny guys salivating while staring at my stocking covered legs. I actually like to go to sports bars during big games. I know there will be a lot of guys there. I love it when all the girlfriends and wives look at me with jealousy in their eyes. They do this because they understand how much their men love my legs. Their men can’t get enough of my stems and I prance around the place like I own it.

I love it when a guy comes up to me all blushed while looking at my legs. I know he’s like putty in my hands. There are times when I go out of my way to turn guys on. I have no intent whatsoever of doing anything in the sack with them. I just want to watch their reaction when I turn them on. I’ll go home after a night of turning guys on and use my dildo. I’ll pound away at my slippery pussy while thinking about these guys.

Sometimes I please. I’m not always just a tease. There are times when I just need a fat cock. Those times are more often than most would imagine. I like to think of myself as almost like a fisherman. I’m always casting my line out to see what I can catch. I know most of the times I’m not going to reel anything worthwhile in. This is why it’s important to cast your reel as many times as possible. The one big catch is always around the corner. You’ll never get it if you don’t cast your reel.

There isn’t a pussy loving man out there who doesn’t go crazy over my legs. I’ll turn any man into a leg lover. I have zero doubt about that. You’d be an instant fan of my legs. I’ve been known to give some of the best footjobs ever. I can make a man bust his nut in record time. My pantyhose mom’s legs are a man’s fantasy in motion. I know this better than anyone out there.

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